10mW Violet Laser Pointer Pen 2 in 1 405nm Wavelength Full Sky Stars For Sale

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Power:10mW Laser Pointers
Color:Purple Laser Pointer
Lens: 2 in 1

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This 10mW 405nm Full Sky Stars Violet Laser Pointer Pen is small and exquisite, portable and with richer applications, which can also produce very beautiful full sky stars patterns. Therefore, sometimes you need it make a special occasion atmosphere, it called “romantic laser pointer”. High quality violet laser pointer 10mw is widely used in bar, KTV, nightclub, live concert, party and so on. It’s truly amazing light show, you’ll be surprised with that many stars fill your space. You will love it!

10mW Violet Laser Features

* It can be used in museums and all kinds of exhibitions
* Best guide for the climbers and people in mountainous areas
* Good tool for pointing out the faraway target and sending out the SOS signal, making your travel more fun
* The beauty blue violent laser beam light is extreme suitable use at night, which can point out the very right position of the star you are looking
* 10mw laser can measure you the accurate position of the building in the faraway distance by avoiding getting close to the dangerous field
* Violet laser is the commonly used product for demonstrations and presentations in classes, and other activities, making listeners feel release

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10mw violet laser ponter

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Package List

* 1x 10mW Green Laser Pointer
* 1x Laser Head Cap(Full Sky Stars)
* 2x AAA Batteries
* 1x Instructions
* 1x Package Box

Violet Laser Pointer Specifications

* Class: IIIB
* Power: 10mW
* Laser Color: Violet
* Wavelength: 405nm
* Beam Pattern: Single-point + Full Sky Stars
* Size: 13.5mm x 156mm
* Weight: 150g
* Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
* Laser Finish: Rubber Paint
* Switch: Push Button Constant On/Off
* Laser Range: 5000-10000 Meters
* Power Supply: 2*AAA Batteries
* Battery Lifetime: 30-90mins
* Expected Lifetime: 5,000 Hours
* Warranty: 12 Months
* Working Current: 3.7V @ 1A-2A
* Working Voltage: DC = 3.7V
* Starting Voltage: DC = 2.5V
* Working Temperature: 14°F ~ 86°F
* Storage Temperature: 14°F ~ 104°F


1. It is very dark, if you need brightness laser pointer, please choose the red laser or 10 green laser
2. Do not look into the aperture of the qualified blue volent laser beam,and do not aim into eye
3. Do not repeat to switch the 405nm blue violent laser pointer within 1 min, otherwise it will shorten the lifetime of the laser pointer
4. Take off the battery and Keep away from children
5. Charging or changing the battery once the laser beam brightness seriously drop
6. It can bright enough when you light it in normal temperature, so you had better do not light it continually in 30 seconds
7. Please put it away from children to avoid the danger by contacting. When do not use it, please take off the battery from the laser in order to avoid the damage by the children’s contacting

Contradistinction of the green, red and blue violet laser pointer:

* Brightness: green>red>blue violet
* Price :red< green< blue violet
* Poly thermal performance: green< red=blue violet
* Stability: green< red=blue violet


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