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30mW Red Laser Pointer: A Versatile and Powerful Tool

The 30mW Red Laser Pointer is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that boasts a sleek design and a range of impressive features. Its rubberized black finish and aviation aluminum body with silver plating give it a stylish and durable appearance. With an output power of only 5mW, it offers superior eye protection.

This laser pointer boasts an adjustable focus and continuous output, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. It can reach distances of up to 10,000 meters, making it ideal for presentations, stargazing, or even as a safety device. Its compact size and lightweight design ensure easy portability.

The 30mW Red Laser Pointer comes complete with detailed instructions, a tinplate packaging box, and a carton package. Its exceptional quality and durability make it a great investment for anyone seeking a high-powered and reliable laser pointer. Visit to learn more and browse our entire selection of and laser pointers.

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Flashlight Style 100MW Green Laser Pointer: The Ultimate Presentation and Stargazing Tool

Introducing the 100MW Green Laser Pointer, an exceptional flashlight-style laser with remarkable capabilities. Its sleek design, adjustable focusing, and durable aviation aluminum meterial make it the perfect companion for presentations, stargazing, and various other applications. The 100mW output delivers an exceptionally bright and visible green laser beam, ideal for illuminating targets at a distance of up to 10000 meters.

The Flashlight Style Green Laser Pointer boasts an impressive array of features, including adjustable focusing, continuous output, and a compact and reliable design. Its ergonomic soft-touch grip ensures comfortable use, while its long-lasting 18650 rechargeable battery provides extended usage time. With a wavelength of 532nm, the green laser pointer offers a focused and highly visible beam.

Versatile Applications and Safety Considerations
This high-quality laser pointer finds diverse applications in presentations, astronomy, and outdoor activities. Its bright green beam effectively highlights targets on projection screens, video monitors, and during lectures. Stargazers can use it to locate distant stars and constellations, while it also serves as a useful tool for inspections, alignment, and pointing during outdoor adventures.

For safety reasons, it’s crucial to avoid direct eye contact with the laser beam. The product comes with comprehensive safety instructions that should be followed diligently. By adhering to safety guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of this exceptional laser pointer while ensuring responsible use.

Order Your Flashlight Style 100mW Green Laser Pointer Today
Enhance your presentations, astronomy experiences, and outdoor adventures with the Flashlight Style Green Laser Pointer. Order yours today from, and experience the exceptional performance and versatility of this remarkable laser pointer.

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200mw Green Laser Pointer Flashlight: Ignite Matches and More

The 200mw green laser pointer flashlight is an exceptional tool for outdoor enthusiasts, hobbyists, and safety professionals. This powerful laser emits a vibrant green beam capable of burning matches, popping balloons, and even illuminating distant objects. Its compact and durable construction makes it ideal for various applications, including camping, hunting, stargazing, and emergency signaling.

Exceptional Features and Performance
This laser pointer boasts a highly efficient laser diode that produces a 532nm wavelength beam. The anodized aluminum alloy casing ensures durability and longevity, while the built-in heat dissipation module effectively manages heat. Its advanced touch switch provides easy operation, and the included rechargeable 18650 battery offers extended runtime. Additionally, a safety key prevents unauthorized use, ensuring responsible ownership.

Versatile Applications with Enhanced Safety

This laser pointer offers a wide range of practical uses, including lighting matches, starting campfires, illuminating targets, and signaling rescuers in emergencies. The adjustable focus allows you to customize the beam size for specific applications. The child safety key ensures peace of mind, preventing accidental activation and potential hazards.

Package Contents and Warranty

Upon purchase, you will receive a complete package consisting of the green laser pointer flashlight, two batteries (18650 and 16340), a recharger, and a child safety key. offers a comprehensive warranty, guaranteeing the reliability and performance of this exceptional product. For more information and to explore our selection of high-quality and , visit our website today.