High Power Green Laser Pointer 525nm 4500mW Diving Flashlight

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Power:4500mw Green Laser Pointers
Color:Green Laser Pointer
Wavelength:525nm Lasers

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The shape design is novel and unique, the appearance of the hammer
Underwater 5 meters diving laser, available for underwater operations
Adjustable brightness and focus to suit all kinds of needs
Made of aviation aluminum, solid and stable
Generate a 525nm strong green laser beam that is clearly visible and full of energy
10,000 – 15,000m super strong transmission distance

Technical Specifications:

Wavelength 525nm
Laser Color Green
Output Power 4500mW
Security Level Class IV
Shell Material Aviation Aluminum
Circuit Control 5V boost with reverse polarity protection
Circuit Efficiency Step – up conversion efficiency of 93%
Laser Modes Always bright and dazzling light
Spot Form Dot
Laser Beam Style Continuous Linear
Spot Size 5m<15 – 18mm
Focusing Method Focusing
Diving Level 5m Diving
Battery Type 1*18650
Expected Lifetime >5,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year

Packing Details:

1x 4500mW 525nm Green Laser Pointer
1x Battery Charger
1x Safety Goggles
1x 18650 Chargable Battery
1x Manuals
1x Box

1. Don’t allow the laser pointer to enter the eye, any laser beam contact will cause permanent damage
2. Don’t point lazer to the crowd, especially in the face
3. Don’t continuously green laser more than one minute, the latter due to overheating and affect the life of the lasers
4. Remove the battery when not in use, and putting it some place where children can not touch!
5. If found laser beam brightness severely reduces please note to recharge the battery or replace the battery


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