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Wireless Page Up Down Red Laser Pointer for PPT: Revolutionize Your Presentations

Introducing the Wireless Page Up Down Red Laser Pointer, an essential tool for captivating and engaging presentations. This advanced pointer boasts an array of features designed to make your presentations effortless and memorable. Experience the convenience of page up/down controls, built-in Smart Energy-saving Switch, and networking capability, allowing you to control multiple receivers simultaneously. With its non-directional RF2.4GHz technology, you can navigate freely within a 20-meter radius.

Features and Functionality
This laser pointer is meticulously engineered with a sharp laser beam for precise and visible pointing. Its mini receiver is designed for portability and ease of use. The intelligent Energy-saving Switch automatically deactivates the laser during inactivity, extending battery life. Additionally, the USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 compatibility and compact dimensions make it a perfect companion for any laptop or computer.

Installation and Operation
Setting up the Wireless Page Up Down Red Laser Pointer is a breeze. Simply install the included AAA battery, insert the receiver into the USB port of your computer, and enjoy seamless control. The networking feature allows you to connect multiple receivers for versatile presentation setups. To activate networking, press and hold the “page up” button while connecting the new receiver.

Safety and Cautions
While the 5mW laser is safe for use, it’s essential to avoid direct eye contact and aiming at sensitive areas. To ensure longevity, avoid repeated switching within a short period. Keep the battery out of reach of children and replace it when the laser brightness diminishes significantly. For your safety, please refer to the Laser Pointer Safety Guidelines provided with the product.

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