50mW green flashlight laser pointer

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Power:50mW Laser Pointers
Color:Green Laser Pointer
Visibility:upto 10000M

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This cheap 50mw green laser pointer can be operated while with convenient hand to describe convenient internal meetings to carry a small indication bar starry sky cap, such as a lecture, It canmake an outstanding performance in the party or banquet and karaoke and the best bar in the presentation while walking!

1.flashlight laser pointer size: 110(L) x 20(D)mm Lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or pockets
2.Built-in module is metal copper material, with good heat dissipation
3.The torch is made of aluminum alloy material, solid and steady
4.Fixed focus settings, focusing more stable.
5.Tail soft touch switch operating mode, it is very convenient to use
6.Cheap 50mW laser pointer could reach a range of 5000m

Product Specifications:
1.Key Feature: green laser
2.Material: Copper and Aluminum
3.Surface Treatment: Anode hardening black
4.Operating mode :tail self-locking switch switch
5.Power supply: 1*16340
6.Wavelength: 532nm
7.Output power: 50mW laser
8.Laser range: 500-10000 meters
9.Working voltage: DC3.7V
10.Working temperature :0~+35Celsius degree
11.Size : 30mm*110mm
12.N.W: 56g
13.Fixed focus: continuous output

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Whats included
200mW 532nm Green Laser x1
18650 Battery x1
Packing box x1
Universal charger x1

Please read before you purchase
1. Please do not fire the 50mw green laser toward the pet or human. Please note that in order to diffuse the thing, etc., it is easy to spread laser. There is a risk of blindness and burns strong laser light is or eyes or hit the skin.
2. Please do not look directly at the light source of never laser light. Please note that even strong reflected light glass and mirror, from the metal or the like. Please do not look directly at close range and also trajectory reflected light such as a wall normal.
3. Please do not hit the laser red or black, those of color system, the flammable concentration because there is a risk of burns.
4. Please keep away from the hands of small children.
5. Please do not act as a nuisance to others.
6. Please do not resale to a third party in Japan because it is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Act.
7. Please refrain for very high output, because it may shorten the life of the body by heat, such as continuous lighting of more than one minute.
8. You may laser output fall down in a cold environment.
9. Please keep cheap 50mw laser pointer pen to remove the batteries when not in use.
10. Please get through your eyes always to the notes stated in the instructions that came with other.
11. Responsibility of all, I will not assume in our store trouble, for damages that occur in your use of this equipment.


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